Aloe and immunity how big is the problem? 1 in 3 people in the UK have asthma, allergies, whether diagnosed or not, and many suffer from auto-immune diseases such as M.S., M.E., rheumatoid arthritis, so it is a huge problem, and one which, as usual, conventional medicine does not seem to effectively help.

The number of people dying from asthma attacks, and side-effects of medicines is rising year on year, which I find extremely frightening, and it seems that the only way to reverse this trend is for people to take responsibility for their health back from the doctors.

I am not suggesting that people should ignore their doctors advice, but to treat it with healthy scepticism, and to listen to their own bodies : a common theme on this site, as it is often easier in the short-term to take medication and not change anything in the lifestyle, but it is the lifestyle generally that is causing the problem.

Asthma, allergies, and auto-immune diseases are all a sign of the immune system over-reacting, and damaging the body. A person who is frequently coming down with colds, flu, stomach bugs, etc has an under-active, or overburdened immune system, and both can be greatly helped by regular intake of Aloe, as it boosts the immune system, but also soothes inflammation, and balances the immune system, basically normalising it. There are no known side-effects, so you can take more of it if you feel under the weather, which is a refreshing change compared to the drugs dished out by doctors! I personally have had the shortest ever cold : 1 day!As soon as I felt the first sniffles and shivers, I glugged down lots of Aloe at every opportunity. Seeing as much I hate having a cold this was a welcome relief from the miserable symptoms and so easy to do!

Aloe contains polysaccharides, which provide a barrier for each cell in the body against invasion, particularly of viruses. These polysaccharides, or long-chain sugars, are absorbed complete from the gut wall into the blood, and can speed up or slow down immune reactions, which is why they can help against infections, but also in auto-immune diseases, where the body is effectively attacking itself. Aloe also contains salicylates and saponins, which reduce inflammation, which you get with infection.

A large part of our immune system is in the gut, partly in the many colonies of friendly bacteria which normally live there. Unfortunately, if taking a course, or courses of antibiotics, these friendly bacteria are often killed off as well as the ones that were meant to be, so it is really important to replace them as soon as possible, by taking a good quality probiotic, which won't be broken down in the stomach, but get to the gut to recolonise.

Aloe contains prebiotics, which help provide the best conditions for the friendly bugs to multiply. Garlic and thyme are extremely effective natural antibiotics, without creating resistance.

Antibiotics have been over-prescribed for decades, in spite of the authorities telling doctors to cut back. This is partly our own fault, as we somehow feel cheated if we come out of the doctor's surgery without a prescription, and doctors are so ruled by the drug companies that most won't suggest anything more natural. In actual fact, most infections are self-limiting, and get better with just rest, lots of fluids, and Aloe, of course!

This is almost certainly why we have seen such a rise in cases of Candida, which lives in us but is usually kept under control because our immune system keeps it in check. If our friendly bugs are killed off, the Candida, which is a yeast, has nothing to stop it multiplying and becoming rampant, causing many health problems which are difficult to treat. If affected by Candida, Aloe and probiotics can help to treat it. I have seen it benefitting people quite quickly and with no side effects. These two work from the inside out and using Aloe Gelly on the external symptoms e.g. thrush in the mouth or on the body relieves the discomfort.

As well as taking Aloe regularly to keep us healthy, and probiotics when we have to take antibiotics, or have a stomach upset, most of us need to eat as well as possible, cutting out white bread, rice, pasta, and particularly sugar. Sugar in particular can knock out the immune system very quickly, as we have not evolved to digest simple carbohydrates, which hit the bloodstream really fast.

Most of us need to take extra vitamins and minerals, as our land and therefore our food has been processed so much that the goodness is not there any more. The best quality ones we can afford will do us the most good, as a lot of drug companies have jumped on the supplement bandwagon, but tend not to make very good quality ones.