Aloe Business: Distributor or Customer?

When you join the Aloe business, you have a choice whether to be a distributor, or to just be a customer.This does not have to be a final choice, as you can treat the business in several ways.If you just want to be able to buy the quality products for yourself and family, you can get them at a reduced price if you are signed up as a distributor, although it has to be said that the company does not exactly encourage this, it is, nevertheless, sales for them, too.

It is also quite easy to set up a small business with Forever, just retailing products to family and friends, especially if you have used, and got the benefit from, several or many of the products, as you can recommend specific products for particular problems, backed up by the 60 day money-back guarantee, which I have never had to use.

Bearing in mind that the three main areas benefitted by Aloe are the skin, the immune system, and the digestive system, you can easily discover people who could potentially benefit, without any need for a hard sell, which I personally hate, anyway.

For skin conditions, we recommend taking the aloe drink to feed the skin from the inside, and one of the creams: the gelly or the propolis cream if itchy or infected from scratching, or very dry. MSM cream is great for acne, and also for aches and pains.The moisturising cream or the aloe lotion are both good for general moisturising, and soothing, being high in concentration of aloe. Many people suffer from digestive problems, especially irritable bowel, excess acid, constipation, for instance. Aloe has been shown to be of enormous benefit in all these conditions, and I always recommend taking the probiotics s well, especially if antibiotics have been taken as these kill off the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which is a large part of our immune system.

Talking of the immune system, Aloe plays a large part in boosting this, given that 60-70% of our immune system has now been shown to be in the gut. The many substances found in the inner leaf gel have been shown to regulate, over time, the unfriendly bacteria and yeasts in the gut, as well as having antiviral activity, so helps to protect against e.g. flu.

Having pinpointed people to talk to about Aloe vera, bearing in mind that it is not allowed to be sold in most shops, an easy way to get started is to have a sampling party of friends, relatives, or to advertise an event. You can tie it in with charity fundraising, offering a percentage of the evening's takings, or give talks to groups, e.g. W.I., senior citizens, taking along measuring cups for tasting sessions, plus open tubes for people to try. The quality of the goods is such that people can visibly see/ taste the difference compared to other brands.

Another way is to deliver a selection of products to prospective customers, for them to try at home for a few days. According to any problems they may have, I take one or two drinking gels, with little cups, plus a selection of creams, a toothgel, deodorant, a lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, maybe the aftershave, explaining each one as I unpack it, any particular benefits. I also include a brochure, order form, and one or two leaflets. There is no pressure at all, I make an appointment to go and collect it, allowing time to discuss or answer any questions, and leave them to it.

One of the keys to this approach, I believe, is that I do use the products myself, not all of them, but the sincerity comes through when talking about them as I love using them, so it is not a sales pitch, I genuinely want people to get as much benefit as I do.

If you want to make more of the business, you will have to recruit people to your team, as then you get to help and train them, and everybody benefits from the increased volume that can be retailed. The company has a lot of information, in many forms: you can go to training events in your area or further afield, you can learn a lot online, you can have trainings with your sponsor, and you can read literature. Our area has a large team, called soaring team, and a website that can be accessed when you join up, with a wealth of training materials.

you can have you own website to send people to: Enter code 2756

so that they can see an outline of the business.

Forever Living has its own website that you can visit as a guest, take a tour, and when you sign up, this is where you can order your products the link is here: So, a flexible business, you can easily start up part-time, and stay that way if you like, or you can put more effort in and build up a profitable business : You decide, there is a lot of help for you, but the work has to be your own.