Why become an Aloe distributor?

Why do people become aloe distributors? Several reasons. Some do it because they have found the benefits of drinking aloe, and the pleasure of using the products, and they want to take advantage of being able to buy it cheaper. Some want to use it themselves, and also help families or friends, and still others like the idea of starting up their own business, building it as slow or quickly as they want, using quality products, and with the training and expertise of a massive, stable company.

The company, it is fair to say, does not actively encourage the first group, but if people know they get the benefit, and have pleasure in using the products, it makes perfect financial sense.

You can sign up with the company, the only caveat being that your first order must be worth £100 retail, and minimum after that is £50, but as there is no time interval specified, you can stock up a bit more the first time, and reorder as necessary.

If you are planning to make a business of it, the company do a few different combination boxes, which contain different products, some of them in duplicate, so that you can use one and sell one of them.

We have found an easy and relaxing way to pick up some customers is to buy a personal use product box from the company which contains a selection of products: for instance: 2 different drinking gels, plus measuring cups, liquid soap a tube of gelly couple of creams, maybe aftershave or cologne, and any other products which may be of benefit to a particular person.

So, if they suffer form arthritis, or is a keen gardener, for instance we may put in a Freedom a heat lotion or MSM gel We also put in a few leaflets, and the article ; the top 10 reasons to drink aloe We deliver this box to the person's house, and all the products are open, and the person is told to try any or all of them in their own home, for 3-4 days. We then go back to them, and discuss how they liked the products, any they disliked, and take any orders they may have.

It is really nice to try new stuff at home, without anyone watching your face, and asking what you think, and to use the products is a pleasure anyway, so no pressure on either side, and as a bonus the box can be used many times because the products are so concentrated that they last a long time, and people generally don't use much of it even if told it's free.

So you can quite easily build up a customer base, especially if you do use and like the products, as people are good at picking up real enthusiasm, rather than because you are trying to sell something.

To sum up it is easy to become a distributor, there is a form to fill in, with the first afore-mentioned order, and then you have your own distributor number, and can order what you want, yourself.

The company does training and motivational meetings, if you want to attend these, and you can get as much or as little support from your upline as you want, plus there is information and training available to you on the company's websites, so there are as many ways to do this as there are types of people(well, not really, but more than one!)

So contact us if you want any more info on how you can join us, or on how we decided to do this.

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