Aloe first is a fantastic, versatile spray for the relief of many skin conditions.

It contains Aloe, allantoin, vitamin E, and several healing herbs including marigold – my favourite -, yarrow, sage.

It also contains propolis, to increase the bug-fighting abilities, and, because it is a spray, can easily be applied to itchy conditions such as chickenpox, prickly heat, as well as burns, cuts and abrasions.

It is soothing after leg-waxing, and can also be applied as a pre-perm solution, to protect the hair from the drying effects of perms. Another use is to protect from the effects of the sun, when we see it, that is!

Aloe first is a must-have standby, along with aloe gelly and propolis cream. We keep them in the fridge, ready for use. These are the basics of any first-aid kit.

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