Aloe heat lotion, part of our skincare range, is an emulsion, oil in water lotion, which contains ingredients that, because of the aloe, can go deeper to give penetrating relief for sore muscles and joints.

It is pH balanced, easy to apply, easily absorbed, and as with all our lotions, stabilised aloe is the first ingredient. It has a distinctive , strong smell, somewhat like horse's liniment.

Headaches can be relieved by applying some to the forehead, and blocked sinuses relieved by applying to the temples, or each side of the nose.

Colds can be relieved, either by putting some in hot water as an inhalation, or by applying it to back and chest.

I have used it after a strenuous gardening session, when my neck and shoulders were aching and sore. I applied it in the evening after a bath, and then again in the morning, just to ease the last of the soreness.

Aloe heat lotion is a good product to have in the first aid kit.

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