Aloe Moisturising Lotion

Aloe moisturising lotion is one of the creams in our aloe skincare range which can be used all over the body, including the face. There is nothing in it to irritate, the first ingredient being aloe.

Since I don't wear foundation or powder, after cleansing, I sometimes use this on my face, and it feels lovely and soft. I won't say smooth necessarily, as age has wreaked its damage, so I am not wrinkle-free, but apart from plastic surgery, which has its own dangers, I don't believe that you can completely stop the march of time, and besides, the older person has all the experience and knowledge gleaned over the years, which I believe is far more valuable than looking like a fresh-faced teenager.

However, I am careful what I put on and in me, so this cream fits the bill perfectly, and is a lot cheaper than some of the skin creams you can buy which make outrageous promises.

Aloe moisturising lotion is rich enough to use on the feet, which most creams are not, as the skin on the feet is thicker than anywhere else, and there is no strong perfume to it, just a light, creamy smell.

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