Aloe vera and Swine Flu

Aloe vera and swine flu go very well together. It appears, so far, that this form of flu, besides being possibly lab-produced, is a very mild form, but the doom-mongers and panic producers are out in force, telling us that it will massively increase in severity and fatalities come autumn and winter.

Well, it doesn't have to be like that. We can all take steps to minimise the risks, without resorting to untested, speedily produced vaccines which could in all probability make us worse, but the drug companies even richer.

We only succunb to colds, flu, or any other infectious illness if our immune system is not as efficient as it should be. We are surrounded by millions of germs every day, but most of us only rarely get ill. This is because the body is perfectly capable of protecting itself, given the right support.

This is where Aloe vera, amongst other substances comes in. As previously mentioned, one of the main areas aloe helps is in the immune system, where approx 70% of our immune system is.Along with a healthy wholefood diet, probiotics, most of the time this is sufficient to keep us healthy, especially when taking exercise, and relaxation to keep stress at bay.

Whatever infectious illness we are talking about, basic measures, like frequent hand-washing, personal cleanliness, without being fanatical are helpful.

Forever also do supplements which are beneficial in these instances: Garlic and thyme are both potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, you can take more than the suggested dose if necessary. There is Echinacea supreme, which as well as high-quality echinacea, contains goldenseal and grapeseed extract, which have the added benefits of being powerful against Candida and thrush, as well as colds and flu.

Bee propolis is another powerful anti-viral agent, used by the bees to keep their hives sterile.

Not forgetting Vitamin C, which is helpful in normal doses to boost the immune system, and in higher doses to combat infections : absorbent-C

Dr Mercola has written a calm, informative article on this subject, which can be accessed on free subscription to his newsletters at He has a huge database of previous articles, including this one, and an active forum to ask questions, or to help others.