Aloe vera propolis creme

Aloe vera propolis crème is a wonderfully rich soothing skin cream, easing many dry skin conditions, with added propolis to fight infection.

Aloe propolis crème, one of our aloe skincare range, containing propolis, a natural antibiotic for further protection, is a rich, creamy skin conditioner and moisturiser, which leaves a film on the skin for longer lasting protection.

Containing stabilised aloe as the first ingredient, propolis, camomile and comphrey, vitamins A and E, this is a fantastic cream for many skin conditions.

Acne and cold sores can be helped by this, the propolis fighting any local infection.

Aloe propolis is soothing for eczema and psoriasis, especially if it is itchy, as it moisturises and lubricates the skin.

I know a few people with psoriasis, who also drink the aloe gel. When they first started drinking it, the effects took a while to kick in, so they used the propolis to soothe the itching in the meantime.

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