Aloe vera skincare

Sonya skincare range

The Sonya collection is Aloe vera skincare at its best.An absolutely fabulous collection of products, which at first glance look quite pricey, but ,as with most of these products, you only need to use a small amount each time, so last for ages. I bought the set 5 months ago, and am only now coming to the end of it, and my teenage daughter also uses it when she remembers!

There are 5 products in the collection, containing aloe, fruit extracts, white tea, and superior moisturisers which moisturise and rejuvenate like never before!

These can be bought as a set, or separately, and all have stabilised aloe as the first ingredient.

Aloe purifying cleanser

Contain aloe and fruit extracts: cleanses without drying. Squeeze a little onto fingertips, massage over face and neck, then wipe off and rinse with warm water.Smells lemony but creamy and soft, if you can understand that, not overpowering, and feels soft as well, not at all greasy.

Refreshing toner

Alcohol free, contains aloe vera and white tea to provide vital moisture. Apply with cotton wool, wipe over the face and wait a few minutes before the next step.Definitely gets the grime off, as you can see by the state of the cotton wool.

Nourishing serum

Aloe vera with white tea, feels gorgeous. Apply 3 pumps to the fingertips, massage over face and neck.This is my favourite, I think, so luxurious, and smells soft as well.

Aloe balancing cream

Aloe vera and lemon, white tea, revitalising extracts and advanced moisturisers. Comes in a pot with a very small scoop, so you don't put your fingers in it. I find that one scoopful is enough for face and neck.After applying it, I massage my face and neck lightly, and it sinks in to make the skin feel soft and silky.

The final item should be used 2-3 times a week :

Aloe deep-cleansing exfoliator

A gentle deep-cleanser containing aloe vera and jojoba beads, which do not irritate as some other exfoliators can do. To use, wet face, apply a small amount to the fingertips, and massage for a couple of minutes, then rinse with warm water, and pat dry with a towel.As with all the other products, the overall feeling is of softness but also thorough cleaning.

I do not expect miracles at my age, but my skin feels lovely, and as I would never have cosmetic surgery, but prefer to age gracefully, at least I know I am not putting anything harmful on my skin.

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