Aloe vera toothgel

Aloe vera toothgel is a lovely green, minty gel rather than a paste, as surveys showed that people preferred a gel. Aloe is the first ingredient, and it does not contain fluoride, which has been shown to be toxic, even leading to some forms of cancer.

Countries which have forcibly fluoridated their drinking water supplies , reduced the number of dentists they employed, expecting peoples' teeth to be more healthy, have found that this was not the case.

Aloe toothgel also contains propolis, the natural antibiotic, as many people have gum diseases, which can lead to more serious diseases such as heart problems.

This toothgel, of which you only need a tiny pea-sized amount, leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours, but without being abrasive.

Mouth ulcers are also soothed by this gel.

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