Arctic sea fish oil

Arctic sea fish oil is a better class of oil

A lot has been said recently about taking fish oil for aches and pains, and to help improve the behaviour of children. They usually mention cod liver oil, which is readily obtained, and cheap, and whilst it does have an effect, the problem with it is that cod is a bottom feeder, where there is a lot of pollution, and also the liver is the organ that removes the pollution from the body, so it is more concentrated there.

Our company uses mackerel in the arctic – hence its name, and the take the oil from the skin and muscle, not the liver, giving a purer, more beneficial source of omega 3 and 9. Only olive oil is added, plus vitamin E to preserve it.

Omegas 3 and 9 have been shown to be beneficial in many ways : they reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, are anti-inflammatory, and lubricate the joints. Because the brain is mostly fat, and these are called essential oils because we can't make them ourselves, lack of them causes problems, which is why they help with behaviour problems.

Deficiency can lead to eye disorders, muscle weakness, including heart problems – the heart is a muscle, too, skin problems, tingling in the arms and legs, and behavioural changes.

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