The digestive system starts at the mouth and ends at the bottom. Aloe helps sore mouths, inflamed gums, sore throats, inflammation of the oesophagus from acid reflux, heartburn, gastric and peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, Candida, and piles! Many people all over the world are finding there are enormous benefits from taking Aloe to relieve these conditions. There are far too many stories to tell within the limitations of this page but believe me these people are out there. I would even be so bold as to say that it has changed people's lives for the better.

Many people have to be careful what they eat, myself included, as they are sensitive to dairy or wheat products, mostly because they are processed differently to how they used to be, and we have not evolved to digest them properly. The problem is that it is difficult to avoid them and food labels have to be read carefully when shopping, which makes a tedious job even more so. Since , drinking the gel I find this much less of a problem, I do still read labels, but get much less reaction if I do eat something I shouldn't.

People with irritable bowel, or other inflammatory bowel problems feel liberated by taking the gel, as they no longer have to plan trips out by the availability of public toilets should they be 'caught short'. A very slight word of caution here: sometimes people find, during the first week or so of drinking the gel, that they may go to the loo more often, and when they go, their motions are looser. There is no pain or discomfort involved in this, it seems to be a sort of detox effect. If it does seem too much, the dose can be reduced by half until the body has adjusted.

I feel that the more of this reaction a person has, probably the more toxins they have in their systems, as we are surrounded by them these days:detergents, washing powders, bleaches, polishes, air fresheners, plastics, processed food – 1000's more chemicals have appeared in use in the last 30-50 years than ever before, and it takes a lot longer than that for our bodies to evolve to deal with them. Even medicines from the doctors add to our chemical intake which cause our bodies to struggle to process them. Along these lines, it has come to my notice that a large percentage of people who contracted C.diff in hospitals, were also taking medicines to reduce stomach acid, either ordinary antacids, or one of the fancy chemicals which cause the body to cut down the amount of acid it makes. C.diff is killed off by the acid in the stomach, so most people don't catch it, but it can make those who do so very ill indeed.

Diet obviously plays a large part in digestive system problems, and unfortunately, doctors have very little training in nutrition. The change to low-fat, the fat generally replaced by sugar has coincided with a massive increase in obesity, weight problems,and diabetes. From my research, it is clear that artificial sweeteners are really nasty, with many unwanted side-effects, and should be avoided, added to which, they don't even help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, sugar is not much better, and it is believed to be linked to the increase in diseases generally, as it is extremely addictive, has no nutritional value, and has been shown to lower the immune system very quickly. Fruit in its natural state is a bit better, because the fibre it contains slows down the release of the sugar, but regular drinking of fruit juice is being linked to the increase of diabetes.The majority of people would feel much better, and less hungry, on protein at every meal, three meals a day, lots of vegetables, and much less cake, biscuits, cereals and fruit, and would probably find that they didn't need lots of tea and coffee to keep going. The protein and fat keeps you satisfied for much longer, as it takes longer to digest, and the vegetables give vitamins and fibre, which keeps everything moving along in the gut. This is basically the much-maligned Atkins diet, but with some carbohydrate, according to individual needs.

Coincidentally, the incidence of colon cancer, and indeed all cancers has risen massively since the low-fat eating con became widespread. If people are constipated, because they are not eating enough fibre, and not moving enough, the stuff sits in the gut and can literally poison the body. We are meant to have a bowel movement after each meal, and not many people experience that.

As for fat, we need fat-our brains are mostly fat, all nerve tissue has a fatty protective layer around it, and every cell in the body has a outer cell membrane which is mostly fat - not any old stuff,or processed, but particularly olive oil, coconut oil, and butter. Most margarines contain hydrogenated fats, to make them keep, but they are one molecule from plastic, and if you were to leave an opened tub of most margarines in e.g. A garage, it wouldn't go mouldy, or be eaten by any wildlife – they know better than that.

Getting back to Aloe, it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy substances, as well as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotics which all help heal, soothe and aid the proper functioning of the digestive tract, and all with no known side-effects, which is more than can be said for most medicines.

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