Garlic-thyme is one of our family standbys, as we strongly believe that antibiotics have been, and still are, massively overused, leading to the rise of the superbug, and an increase in the incidence of Candida.

The combination is fantastic, with no likelihood of resistance as occurs with chemical antibiotics.Both are strongly antibiotic, anti fungal, and antioxidant. They may help with a number of conditions: cholesterol, acne, blood pressure, colds, flu, chest infections, and sinusitis. They may help counter diabetic eye and nerve disorders, and the effects of chemo- and radiotherapy.

Candida is rife these days, mainly because of over- prescription of antibiotics, which kill off the good bacteria in the gut, and our high sugar diet helps feed the Candida, allowing it to proliferate.

Two other ingredients in this supplement are ajoene, which is an anti-clotting agent, and lecithin, which helps clean out fatty deposits, and helps the metabolism convert fats to energy.

It also contains Potassium, Calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and Vitamin C.

My son recently suffered an asthma attack after a bout of hayfever. He was already drinking the aloe gel, so I suggested he double the dose, take a probiotic, and garlic-thyme, and within a few days he was recovered. click here to return to home page