Natural Skin Care -Aloe Vera Gelly

Natural skin care begins with aloe it has been used for centuries to soothe, heal and moisturise the skin. As previously discussed Aloe Vera has an amazing benefit for the skin. Topically applied aloe vera is soothing, moisturising, conditioning and healing.

This product is an excellent way of getting pure, stabilised aloe vera onto the skin. It is as pure and potent as if it was squeezed straight from the leaf. Starting with 100% pure inner leaf gel this product is as close to the actual plant as you can get without growing your own! Natural skin care doesn't get much better than that!

Aloe Vera Gelly has many uses and is an excellent all purpose portable first aid gel. It can be used on many types of skin conditions such as allergic rashes, eczema, abscesses, fungal infections, and some types of dermatitis. It’s outstanding as soother for any type of burn, itchy rashes and heals wounds, cuts and minor abrasions without scarring. As it is a natural skin care product there are no nasty side effects as with some prescribed topical creams and gels.

My own family all use this regularly as we firmly believe that natural skin care products are much kinder and gentler on the skin and what you put on the skin is also absorbed into the body which makes it even more important to take care.

The gelly brings soothing relief to my 13 year old daughter’s eczema, my son has used it on mouth ulcers and I regularly use it on my athletes foot which I don’t suffer too badly from any more. My grandmother recently had an episode of Candida and she used the gel directly on her skin alongside drinking the gel. The Candida disappeared within 10 days and she did not itch as much as she had previously when using more conventional treatments prescribed by the doctor.

A recent new customer Susan tried the gelly on her burns which she gets regularly as she works with an oven almost every day baking for a local supermarket. She was so impressed with it she rang me to tell me that usually her burns are sore for a number of days afterwards but the relief with the gelly was instant and hardly any pain even the next day.Another use for the Gelly is to stop a sore throat in the early stages. The Gelly is so pure that a small amount can be swallowed or swilled around the mouth - doesn't taste very nice, but does the trick!

Gelly can also be used on animals too. My daughter’s rabbits sometimes fight and bite each other particularly behind the ears. When this happens we always use the gelly on the sores and they heal very quickly. Any animal can benefit from using the gelly in the same way as we humans can. A recent customer has used the gelly combined with the drinking gel in her dog’s food to treat eczema. This combined approach is usually much more successful than just treating the skin topically.

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