I am digressing here from the main points of the site, but at my age and previous experience : practical, self-employed, but very little experience in IT apart from the usual surfing, email, research, I never even thought about building a web-site.

Now, only part-way through, I'm hooked, but only because I found a way to do it without learning html, looking for web-hosts, and many other tools I wouldn't know I needed anyway.

We build each page by typing on our computer, and copying blocks onto the block-builder provided. Graphics are uploaded and transferred as needed, and links are quite easy, although we are still learning that one as you may be able to see!.

There is a 10 day tutorial, the action guide written or video, which takes you step by step through the whole process, plus so much help and explanations to be found that I am still finding, and probably will be for a while as we continue.

The 10 days is just a way of carving up the information into manageable chunks, in the right order.

A day can take as long as you need it to, but you do need to finish one day before starting another, and in fact, in a couple of places, they won't let you move forward until you have certain things in place, as the next things won't work until you have done the earlier things.

Obviously this has to be fitted in with whatever else is going on in your life : we both work fullish time, so have to find mutually convenient times to get together, now we can both work on it together and alone, but each completed day brings such a buzz that it spurs us on to the next one.

What this is not, is a get rich quick scheme: those are everywhere, and generally only bring in money for the creators of the schemes, but hope springs eternal.

This is also not something that needs no work, although it is possible to have most of the work done for you, obviously for more money, but honestly, where's the satisfaction in that?

All you need is brains and motivation is the blurb. To be honest there is a little more to it than that, like time, and the ability to keep going even when stuck, but this opportunity is unique,and is only spread by word-of-mouth – no money is spent on advertising by the company.

Another awesome plus that I am starting to look round at is the forums, where anyone can ask questions, ask for help, and then pay it forward when they can help others. It is always positive, not competitive, and people willingly use their time and experience to help others progress.

Everybody has a passion about something: that's the essential ingredient : everything else can be learnt, found out about, worked out.

Content is the key, lots of it, and we are still building content as and when we can. So progress is not linear.

The subject matter for our site is extremely common -many people are trying to do MLM, and many of those with natural health products, so the key is to have an individual slant : our niche, which is our personal take on the products, and our passion for people to help themselves get/keep well. We are also in the process of linking with complementary sites, to build traffic for both of us.

We are continuing to build our MLM business locally to us as well, both selling products and sponsoring people to do the same, and will investigate Google local to advertise on a neighbourhood basis : another tip we picked up from Solo Build It

So watch this space!

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