Pomesteen power is a concentrated mix of: pomegranate, mangosteen, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry fruit juices, plus grape seed extract, with potassium sorbate only added, to protect the flavour.

These fruits have a high antioxidant rating, to counter the free radicals in our bodies which are believed to be some of the cause of illness, particularly degenerative conditions.

I drink the original aloe drink every day, put 60mls in a glass, and top up with the pom power. Not being an enormous fan of the basic juice flavour, I find that this juice sweetens it up enough, plus I am getting the invaluable antioxidant power of all these fruits. Drinking it is a bit like taking a shot of strong coffee, but without the side-effects of caffeine – it really hits the spot!

Although at first glance it looks expensive for a fruit juice, the recommended daily amount is only 30mls, so a bottle will last a good 12 days, and is absorbed much better than a vitamin C tablet.

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