Quality Aloe Vera Matters

Quality Aloe Vera and how it is harvested and treated to preserve its vital nutrients is vitally important to the benefit you will gain from it. There are over 75 known ingredients contained in Aloe Vera but there maybe more which have yet to be discovered. I and many others believe that the type of manufacturing process has a huge impact on the nutritional value of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera has been used by humans for the past 4,000 years. It is probably the best known alternative remedy around today. In the past the plant has been used by breaking open a leaf and using the inner gel contained within directly. However in the modern world Aloe Vera products have been developed and in order to be able to keep them for any length of time they have to be stabilised which involves various methods to preserve them.

Sadly there are now many unscrupulous manufacturers who have jumped on the ‘Aloe Wagon’ who care little about quality Aloe Vera and more about the profit they will make from the unsuspecting consumer. Often products have been watered down, adulterated with cheap substitutes and some even contain no Aloe whatsoever.

Forever Living are the world largest growers and producers of quality Aloe Vera and have a patented stabilisation process to ensure their Aloe is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. Aloe Vera is the main ingredient starting with 100% inner gel and combining this with just enough other natural ingredients to keep it fresh. They use only inner gel not the whole leaf so there is no need to filter out the inedible ingredients of the rind. This leaves the natural balance of nutrients intact.

Forever Living Aloe Gel was the first product to receive the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) seal. This seal guarantees the purity of the Aloe contained in the product. This Aloe Vera is pure, organic and has not been tested on animals. It has a kosher rating, the Islamic seal of approval, the PETA mark and the BUAV mark.

If all this is not enough the company also offer a full 60 day money back guarantee on all of their products. This guarantee allows for a reasonable amount of time for anyone to try the products and begin to reap the benefits. This guarantee really impressed me and gave me the confidence to try the products as I knew that if I did not see any difference in my health and well-being I could have a full refund with no hassle and there are not many companies which offer that!

However I did not need to get my money back as when I tried the products for the first time I was really impressed by the quality of the Aloe contained in the products. I was also amazed at how quickly I began to see an improvement in my general health and well-being. Within the first few days of taking it I noticed a sense of feeling not just good but great. I had masses of energy and seemed to have a greater mental clarity.

After about a week of taking the drinking gel daily my skin condition had vastly improved too- all this from a bottle of vegetable juice! People all over the world have seen for themselves the benefits of using this excellent quality Aloe Vera drink every day.