Starter boxes

n.b. Contents of all the boxes can vary from shown, but to the value given.

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Personal use product pack

If taking this round as a trial box it is a good idea to add in a few other items, e.g. Another flavour drinking gel, conditioner, bath gelee, and maybe another cream. With each household trying the products for only a few days, all these products last a long time.

Also remember to say that the drinking gels should be kept in the fridge.

Contents: Aloe vera drinking gel,

Aloe liquid soap

Aloe ever-shield deodorant

Aloe vera gelly

Aloe jojoba shampoo

Aloe moisturising lotion

Aloe toothgel

3 Aloe lips

A selection of literature

Descriptions of all these products are on the website

Men's personal use product pack

Contents: Aloe jojoba shampoo

Aloe liquid soap

Aloe evershield deodorant

Aloe drinking gel

Aloe heat lotion

Aloe gelly

Aloe styling gel

Aloe toothgel

Gentlemans Pride aftershave balm

Aloe lips

Fast start pack

:picture not available, but is only a large box with a few pictures on it!

Ideal for somebody who is serious about beginning a business with us as a lot of the contents are duplicated, allowing you to try them and get the benefit whilst having some products on hand to sell.

Not a very big investment to start up a business, we feel. Contents :

2 Aloe drinking gels

2 Forever freedom gels

1 Aloe berry nectar

1 Bits'n'peaches drinking gel

Arctic sea

2 Aloe lips

2 Aloe propolis crème

2 Aloe gelly

Aloe lotion

2 Aloe moisturising lotion

Aloe heat lotion

Aloe jojoba shampoo and conditioner

2 Aloe evershield deodorants

2 Aloe liquid soaps

2 Aloe toothgels

Also contains a free literature pack.

These contents are at discounted prices