Successful Network Marketing - A different approach

Network marketing-anyone can do it!! How many times have you heard that? If successful network marketing is so easy why are so many people not making any money and giving up? Let’s start by looking at how network marketing traditionally works to build a home business.

So you’ve found a great product range , one that you completely believe in, use yourself so that you can personally testify to their benefits, badgered friends and family to use and buy the stuff. Where do you go from there?

Traditional network marketing is usually based on a duplicatable model which is taught to new distributors and they then go on and teach others to do the same , therefore growing their own team of network marketers. Most network marketing companies use the following steps to build a customer base and get other people to join the team.

The first step of the traditional network marketer is to work through their warm market i.e. any person with a pulse that you have met over the entire course of your life! This usually involves telephoning people on your list and reading from a prepared script to tell them how wonderful and easy it is to be your own boss. Most people find pestering their so called warm market uncomfortable to say the least but that is what traditional network marketing models are based upon. This method is used to both build a customer base and to grow your home business by getting others to join your team.

Then, when you’ve exhausted that avenue of leads the next step would be accosting people in the street or pounding the local neighbourhood delivering recruitment cards or flyers, most of which will end up littering the streets or stuffed at the back of drawers and cupboards, never looked at or forgotten. This method is particularly dispiriting as there is usually little reward for a lot of hard work. Not the sign of a successful network marketing business!

Network marketing companies have started to realise that the world wide web can be used as a marketing tool and will often offer their distributors a website (which often has a monthly subscription fee). These websites are generally replica websites which contain the same information for each distributor and serve very little purpose in growing a successful network marketing business. The only purpose they really serve is to make the company richer. Search engines don’t like replicated websites and won’t even rate them.

No Rating = No Traffic, therefore No Traffic = No Business

We are both quite shy and these methods do not sit well with either of us and would not like anyone to use them on us. These techniques have not resulted in a successful home business for us. There are many people who believe that the traditional network marketing model is the only way to grow a successful network marketing business but we have discovered otherwise.

Through research we have found that network marketing has a high drop out rate, that is people often sign up to join companies and then find that the traditional ways of generating customers and finding the right kinds of people to join their team don’t work. By ignoring traditional network marketing wisdom we have learnt that network marketing can be successful. It doesn’t have to be so hard and soul destroying.That’s not to say that making money in network marketing is easy but it can be easier if you know the right techniques.

Our own network marketing journey has been full of ups and downs but we came across an amazing discovery both of which have changed the direction of our business for the better. After reading these we were determined to change the way we developed our business and began to use the techniques suggested in the Renegade Network Marketer. We still believe in our products and use them and recommend them to our friends and family but by using the tips and techniques suggested our network marketing business has become exciting, motivational and successful.

We both hope that your network marketing business will be successful too. We have found that by turning the traditional network marketing techniques on their head this home business has become enjoyable.It is a pleasure to sit down at the computer and see the results of our hard work and effort. We have discovered that it is indeed possible to work from the comfort of your home, enjoy what you do and make money. Who could ask for more?

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