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We both work from home in the U.K. With Forever Living Products, a scam free work from home company.

Katrina: I have lived in Devon all my life , worked in caring professions and now work from home in the U.K. I am bringing up three children, which increases my concerns for a healthy lifestyle, for myself and them.

I believe that nature provides us with everything that we need for health, and that the body has massive ability to heal itself. Against that are our modern lifestyles, diet, travel, abnormal working hours, all going against what our bodies need. There is much more stress-related illness, unlike our forebears, treated by doctors with chemical medicines,which may relieve symptoms, but also have many unwanted side-effects.

This is why I am such a fan of Aloe vera, nature's medicine plant, with no known side-effects. As a family, we all use the products daily, and have experienced positive benefits to our health and well-being.

Sue: I am a qualified S.R.N, and chiropodist, now known as a Foot Health professional, also with three children, all nearly grown up now.

When I looked at all the tablets my patients were taking, and that many of the side-effects were the same as the conditions being treated. And further, that most of the patients were not improving, I thought there must be a better way, so I have done much research, and taken courses on herbalism and E.F.T.

Much later, when I came across the Aloe vera products, which are the highest quality, concentrated Aloe , and saw the benefits to myself, my family and my first customers, I just wanted to reach out and tell as many people as possible, hence this web-site.

We hope you will have the confidence to listen to your body – it knows how to heal, it just needs support.

Also, don't hesitate to contact us with any queries, feedback etc as we continue on our journey of learning, not least how to build a web-site!

We respect your privacy and only use your information to respond to your query or to process your order. To see our privacy policy please

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Our Reviews
"A good informative site on health with some well written articles."

"I was really interested in your aloe drink. My husband (80) just had an aneurysm (aorta-Stomach area) and having trouble getting his strength back and eating. I give him fresh aloe and fresh pineapple, put in blender, to drink. Really helps. Along with other natural foods."

"Concise and to the point. Aloe is a great healing plant, looks like good products."

"Very nice site. I love Aloe vera and have i regularly. Loved reading more about the qualities. Thanks for putting it there. Glad to see fellow SBIers here :)"

"Content is all relevant and interesting. There is a lot of writtn information on the site. Most of it all very interesting but it can be overwhelming. I like the categories and pitch. I enjoy using aloe so I found this site useful for me.It's a good site for health minded people. "

"Great contents!!! Easy to understand.........."

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